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Cooking With Chaos in a Stranger's Kitchen

BROOKLYN, New York – As each dish came out of the oven, it was passed around for sampling and sharing. Instead of a seated dinner, it was one, big, joyous jumble of cooking and tasting (and drinking!) simultaneously.

I'll Have the Donkey Sandwich, Please

BEIJING, China – As we traveled through Central Asia, we sampled sturgeon roe, honey cake, quark fritters, cherry cordial, chicken heart, fried bees, milk tea, and horse meat soup. 

The Roll Call of Forgotten Brooklyn

BROOKLYN – From elegant to kosher, from red sauce to hamantashen. If you want a taste of true, old-school Brooklyn, these are the 11 places to find it. Bring extra napkins.

Love Letter to NYC's MarieBelle

NYC – I order the Aztec hot chocolate on ice, and indulge in the carmelized-banana-and-cinnamon crepe served with vanilla gelato and fresh strawberries. 

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