Postcards tagged: First Impressions

I've Fallen in Love

ISTANBUL – My new favorite city. Imagine New York and San Francisco going away on a drug-induced weekend of lust and giving birth to an Argentinean Muslim.

First Impressions: Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Fathom's assistant editor explains the hygge phenomenon, the 7-11 phenomenon, and why Danes love their badass queen.

First Impressions: An American Down Under

Australians are unflappable. Nothing fazes them: not killer sharks, treacherous ocean currents, poisonous snakes, fatal jellyfish, or monsoons. Not even kangaroo boxing. (What the...?)

The Meat Girlz of Kyrgyzstan

KYRGYZSTAN – I spent an afternoon with the glamorous, sausage-selling Russian ladies. We toasted my visit with vodka, which they keep in large vats stored beneath the counter. 

On the Road: Mexico City, Day 3

MEXICO CITY – Two bites into the tuna tostada, Julie declared Contramar, "oh my god, the best restaurant in the world right now."

On the Road: Mexico City, Day 2

MEXICO CITY – What should have been a 45-minute stroll took two hours, even with my detailed map. (Okay, two maps.) But the hunt made the finds that much better.

On the Road: Mexico City, Day 1

MEXICO CITY – But I wanted to see piles of food, and I'm stubborn and intrepid and a New Yorker and I beat altitude sickness and really how bad can it be? So in I went.

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