Postcards tagged: Fathom Questionnaire

Fathom Questionnaire: Becky Cheang

In-flight relaxation regime: I'm one of the crazies who loves being on a plane. I put together a playlist and do a travel log of every flight. I am that annoying seat-mate who will attempt to talk to you.

Fathom Questionnaire: Laura House

In-flight relaxation regime: I usually fall asleep before we’ve even pulled away from the gate. My husband swears if I could bottle my in-flight-narcolepsy I’d make millions. 

Fathom Questionnaire: Olimpia Possati

Favorite childhood travel memory: Spending a lot of time in grand hotels and feeling like Eloise. I always bring home all my to-do lists which can never be completed.

Fathom Questionnaire: Erica Cerulo

Of a Kind co-founder Erica Cerulo is a self-proclaimed double black diamond traveler. She travels for the perspective and would do anything to hole up in a pre-fab house somwhere in off-the-map Oregon.

Fathom Questionnaire: Claire Mazur

Of a Kind co-founder Claire Mazur travels for the fluffy hotel bathrobes, for the lobster she'll never stop talking about, and to get as far from her laptop as possible.

Fathom Questionnaire: Fiona Caulfield

The creator of the Love India guides splits her time between Sydney and Bangalore and has seen her fair share of what's in between. (BBQ'd rat, anyone?)

Fathom Questionnaire: Julia Leach

Everywhere I go, I check out the art bookstores, museums and galleries, hardware stores (for great string), flea markets, and the post office (to pick up stamps for my collection).

Fathom Questionnaire: Matt Gross

Bizarre travel rituals: I love getting a haircut as soon as possible when I land in a new country. Often this means I get a bad haircut, but it's a fascinating introduction to a new culture.

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