Postcards tagged: Family Fun

Insider's Guide to Nantucket's Beaches

NANTUCKET – College kids head to Nobadeer and families with young ones prefer Children's Beach. No matter your mood, there's a place to lay your beach blanket.

Take Me Out to the Cooperstown

COOPERSTOWN, New York – We dropped in to check out the National Baseball Hall of Fame and were astounded, not by the Hall so much, but by the town. 

Just Back From: CuraƧao

CURAÇAO – What's the local speciality? Iguana stew. We did not partake. Any surprises? The biting bug population wasn't nearly at the level my wife dreaded. It's worse in Brooklyn.

Just Back From: Bonaire

BONAIRE, Dutch Antilles – I didn't snorkel even though it's one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the world! How could I have missed that? I'm afraid I was too relaxed.

The Best View in Sydney

SYDNEY – Although harmless, the garden's resident fruit bats made their presence known throughout the movie by occasionally flying in front of the screen or letting out a shrill squeal. 

Family Heaven. With Sand and Tacos.

TULUM, Mexico – After a bumpy drive down a dirt road, a motorboat took us through nine different ecosystems. (Amazing!) Pristine, untouched, and beautiful nature at its best. 

The Art of the Family Vacation

PALM SPRINGS – They created spin art on vintage vinyl, felted tiny rocks, and painted T-shirts while screaming (with joy, I think) for hours.

Just Back From: Dominican Republic

Any surprises? The sugar cane plantations were interesting, but I didn't want to explore more. This trip was about relaxing and planting myself by the pool.

American Glory at the Greenbrier

WEST VIRGINIA – My daughter found an empty ballroom and started dancing on the stage. Suddenly, she saw her moving image on the surrounding walls. It was heaven for her.

Norman's Place

STOCKBRIDGE, Massachusetts – It was time explore some culture. Because it was raining and there was no laser tag emporium. So we headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum. 

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