Postcards tagged: Everybody's Happy

Oui! A Feast in Southwest France

SAVERDUN, France – Everyone knew everyone. When the president made his toast, it ended in a nearly-naked conga line followed by a brass band that serenaded each lady in turn. (Ah, the French.)

Insider's Guide to Nantucket's Beaches

NANTUCKET – College kids head to Nobadeer and families with young ones prefer Children's Beach. No matter your mood, there's a place to lay your beach blanket.

Lake Austin Spa Resort: The Treatment

AUSTIN, Texas – The award for Best Class goes to ABS-olutely Paddle Board, combining boarding with core workouts. Due to a complete lack of coordination, I didn't brave it, but it sounds fun.

The Best View in Sydney

SYDNEY – Although harmless, the garden's resident fruit bats made their presence known throughout the movie by occasionally flying in front of the screen or letting out a shrill squeal. 

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