Postcards tagged: Don't Fence Me In

Vintage Summer on Crane Lake

CRANE LAKE, Minnesota – Recreation of every sort lures swimmers, kayakers, hikers, photographers, and bird-watchers. They come for the welcoming warmth of a family-owned retreat that turns guests into friends. 

In Praise of the Unplugged Vacation

I noticed a dusty pay phone and realized I have no idea how much a coin call costs anymore. For me there was a freedom in being unreachable for a few days. For some others it was torture.

The Kid Loves the Dude

WYOMING, USA – He will want nothing more than to ride for the next week, just like the rest of us. We head off into the big wide open. The Snowy Range mountains are in the distance, and the sky is painted a shade of blue I’ve never seen. 

Adrift in Bliss: A New York Canoe Journey

LONG ISLAND, New York – They spent the Jewish holidays getting away from the madness and into engulfing greenery, cool waters, and herons flapping as they glided by.

Uganda in View

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Other than our cameras we had no remnants of our lives outside the camps. We had no journals, no music, and nothing to do. Our neighbors were thousands of Ugandans, many of them orphaned children and former child soldiers. Outside our huts were pigs, and chickens, and ever-burning trash-heaps.

Take Me Back to Camp

WISCONSIN, USA – Mug in hand, I’d trek a mile through the woods, coming full circle just in time to catch a card game or a freshly lit fire. I spent hours reading in a rocking chair, and more hours climbing creaky steps to explore the treehouse.

House Calls for Snake Doctors

GALLE, Sri Lanka – These guys are tough as nails, the original gangsters. They cultivate 80 different breeds and make anti-venom to save people who are attacked by the poisonous creatures.

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