Postcards tagged: Dispatch from the Road

Airstreaming Across America

THE WEST – It felt like entering a brand-new airplane that was ours for the week. A Gulfstream was out of reach, but an Airstream could squeeze into a budget.

Eye Candy: Family Road Trip in the Andes

PERU AND CHILE – The sky changed from heavy gray to a dazzling display of faceted jewel tones. Rubies and topaz and amethyst and tanzanite set behind mountain peaks glimmered in the thin air.

Around the World in 547 Days

SOMEWHERE ON EARTH – Imagine quitting your job and hitting the road for more than a year. These two modern nomads are living the gridskiping dream, and we have the photos to prove it. 

I've Fallen in Love

ISTANBUL – My new favorite city. Imagine New York and San Francisco going away on a drug-induced weekend of lust and giving birth to an Argentinean Muslim.

On the Road in Tajikistan

KHOROG, Tajikistan – Recent clashes between the government and rebels have ended violently, but this Central Asian melting pot has always been a place of extremes and co-existence.

Food Highs Down Under

NEW ZEALAND – Dotted with vineyards, olive groves, and small farms selling fresh goat cheese and alpaca sweaters, Waiheke might just be heaven on earth. The robust red wines and spicy green olive oil bring to mind a mini-Tuscany — only with beaches.

Nice Ice, Baby

ICELAND – It was calm and astonishing to walk across ice built up over centuries of lava. There’s not a lot to do on a glacier in Margiela boots.

Land of Ridiculously Amazing Parks

UTAH, USA – Southern Utah — and specifically Scenic Route 12 — is a study in sky, cloud, vast plains, grand canyons, and the inviting open road.

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