Postcards tagged: China

I'll Have the Donkey Sandwich, Please

BEIJING, China – As we traveled through Central Asia, we sampled sturgeon roe, honey cake, quark fritters, cherry cordial, chicken heart, fried bees, milk tea, and horse meat soup. 

Shanghai Street Crossing

SHANGHAI – We step off the sidewalk again and scan the traffic. A string of city buses crowded with morning commuters lumbers along. We miss our chance. A reader story.

Follow the Dragon

Dragons are mighty, ambitious, passionate, lucky, beautiful, and, of course, fiery. Not a bad way to start the Chinese New Year. Let's go on an online tour of the awesome in China.

Almost in North Korea

JI'AN, China – The North Koreans, apparently, don't much care if my jones for totalitarian tourism is satisfied.

I Want Chinese for Breakfast

SHANGHAI, China – An American discovers the ultimate, life-redefining breakfast in China. Now how can he recreate it back home in New York?

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