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Hello. We're Fathom.

NYC – We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this very important Fathom service announcement.

Ask Fathom: Help. I'm in Travel Hell.

The airline cancelled my flight while I was at the airport. The rental car stopped in the middle of an open road. The train derailed. Derailed! How to handle this fresh hell?

Ask Fathom: What to Pack for a Safari?

I have traveled to my fair share of destinations requiring loose cotton clothing that can be easily washed in the sink. It doesn't mean I have to dress like a park ranger.

Ask Fathom: The Doctor Is Back In

Food poisoning. Jellyfish stings. Unidentifiable insect bites. Millions of floating bacteria and viruses. W have quick fixes for all your travel ailments.

Ask Fathom: What Doesn't Suck in SoBe?

MIAMI, Florida – Be nice: When it's miserable in Philadelphia, it's sunny in South Beach. Even if they do value tininess of bikini over speediness of room service.

Ask Fathom: I'm Sick. What Now?

Nothing is worse than being ill away from home. When should you go to an emergency room? Can you trust the hotel doctor? Will travel insurance help? Dr. Mark Melrose delivers the medical 411. 

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