Postcards tagged: Ask Fathom

Hello. We're Fathom.

NYC – We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this very important Fathom service announcement.

Ask Fathom: Help. I'm in Travel Hell.

The airline cancelled my flight while I was at the airport. The rental car stopped in the middle of an open road. The train derailed. Derailed! How to handle this fresh hell?

Ask Fathom: What to Pack for a Safari?

I have traveled to my fair share of destinations requiring loose cotton clothing that can be easily washed in the sink. It doesn't mean I have to dress like a park ranger.

Ask Fathom: The Doctor Is Back In

Food poisoning. Jellyfish stings. Unidentifiable insect bites. Millions of floating bacteria and viruses. We have quick fixes for all your travel ailments.

Ask Fathom: What Doesn't Suck in SoBe?

MIAMI, Florida – Be nice: When it's miserable in Philadelphia, it's sunny in South Beach. Even if they do value tininess of bikini over speediness of room service.

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