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Postcards tagged: Armchair Travel

Links We Love: 4/19/14

THE INTERNET – Ai Weiwei in Brooklyn, a new travel magazine, Instagram workouts, and the oldest living things in the world.

New Orleans Is Music to My Ears

Eclectic jazz pianist Eddie Bo has a great quote that goes, "If you smoke a cigarette, they’ll have a parade for it. Then if you die from the cigarette, they’ll be a parade for that too."

Links We Love: 4/12/2014

THE INTERNET – A lunar eclipse, honest love letters, Google glass orders, and making your photographs tangible.

Links We Love: 4/5/2014

THE INTERNET – Tiny frontier drawings, a sleep tracker project, things in your water, and traveling the cosmos.

Links We Love: 3/29/2014

THE INTERNET – The evolution of the bicycle, an Istanbul getaway, and exploring 56 countries — one drink at a time.

Links We Love: 3/16/2014

THE INTERNET – Painted travel books by Louis Vuitton, an Instagram feed in North Korea, and a new mag celebrating the industrial Midwest.

Links We Love: 3/9/2014

THE INTERNET – Kaleidoscopic Cambodia, destinations in a box, a dozen fake accents, and the moon at one pixel.

Links We Love: 3/2/2014

THE INTERNET – Women's History Month, a tiny photographer, and an elegant brussel sprout ballet.

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