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Fathom works with a range of companies and clients on innovative projects, platforms, and personal travel plans.


Fathom spearheads creative initiatives for brands looking to connect and engage with a sophisitcated audience hungry for new products, destinations, and experiences.

Custom Content

Align your brand against compelling, original editorial content made specifically for your audience.

We can create: 
- destination guides 
- bespoke itineraries
- location-based / how-to videos
- social media campaigns


We understand where you're coming from, where you want to go, and who you want to reach along the way. 

Let us help you with:
- limited-edition products and features
- insight and strategy
inspiration and storytelling


Fathom advises global brands on how to incorporate travel into their offerings. 

We will deep dive to deliver:
- destination excavation
- trend forecasting
- travel intelligence
- junket conceptualization

Contact to get started.


Fathom consults with clientele to plan meaningful travel experiences. 

We can provide consultations, custom itineraries, and specialty bookings for:
- honeymoons
- group celebrations
- once-in-a-lifetime adventures

Contact with inquiries.

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