Fathomaway Compass

I travel for the Thrill

The Tropical Beach House Nightmare

BARU, Colombia –  At 5 a.m., we find every abandoned beach dog in town cowering in our living room, along with our caretaker, desperately trying to catch airborne patio furniture.

Fathom Questionnaire: Olimpia Possati

Favorite childhood travel memory: Spending a lot of time in grand hotels and feeling like Eloise. I always bring home all my to-do lists which can never be completed.

A Serengeti Sonnet

SERENGETI, Tanzania – If the rain comes, they will all start to drop. So they run. Some give birth as they run. Run for their lives. 

Rocking Red: A Few Days in Moab

MOAB, Utah – It appeals to the extremes of travel engagement, from adrenaline junkies to relaxation seekers. Like Cinderella’s castle, it’s where your wildest outdoor fantasies come true. 

Aspen for All Seasons

ASPEN – Aspen may be known primarily as a ski town, but that underscores its year-round charms: fly-fishing, biking, snowshoeing, yoga on the mountaintop.

Into the Wild: Aspen's Mountain Huts

ASPEN, Colorado – It’s the solitude of knowing we’re the only humans for miles. It’s seeing the Milky Way on a clear night. It’s daring each other to see who can carry the most wine.

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