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NEW! Awesome Shop by Traveler

NEW! Awesome Shop by Traveler

Souzanis, lanterns, jewelry. It's all in a day's haul at the souk.

In the Fathom Shop, we encourage you to shop by destination (can't go to Paris? Paris can come to you), by activity (yay, a picnic!), and by category (books for the long-haul).

Debuting today: Shop by Traveler, wherein you can peek into suitcases, copy travel tricks, and find out how that guy keeps his hotel room smelling so nice. 

First up: Team Fathom — Pavia Rosati, Jeralyn Gerba, Crystal Meers, Berit Baugher, and Stephanie March.

Coming over the next few days: chef Scott Conant, Curbed founder Lockhart Steele, Wanderlista Andria Mitsakos, and costume designer Casey Storm. 

As we like to say around here, get inspired and pack your bags. 

Go to Shop by Traveler.


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