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Packing List: Stephanie March

by Stephanie March

Stephanie March in Beirut.

Stephanie March in the sunshine in Beirut.

Contributing editor Stephanie March is an adamantly against flat packing and utterly in love with her suitcase. Here's how she rolls:

Carry-on: There almost aren't enough superlatives to describe my Tumi bag. My bag contracts, expands, rolls, is a carry-on, has several clever and accessible compartments, and has withstood the rigors of globetrotting for nearly twelve years. Not to mention, Tumi has an excellent service center and will perform all maintenance and repairs.

Multi-tasker: Matta sarongs are my warm weather wrap of choice. They come in a kaleidoscope of colors, work as a shawl, picnic blanket, towel, or a sarong, and pack super flat.

Favorite accessory: A parasol is delightful. It packs easily (just lay it crosswise in your carry-on) and it provides instant shade without mussing the hair. And frankly, it photographs amazingly.

Travel tool: I am a postcard fanatic. I probably send 20 or 30 on big trips. I like to have something nice to write with; scrawling postcards in crappy ballpoint makes it look like I sent them from a mental institution.

Instant-Upgrade: Corkscrew. There's nothing more exasperating than having a gorgeous bottle of wine in front of you and no way to open it. This happened to me in a sleepy town in Greece and I did not discover my situation until well after everyone else had gone to bed. No room service, no electricity, no wine. Bad deal.

For the rest of her packing list, check out Stephanie's Fathom shop.

Stephanie, a Fathom contributing editor, is an actor, activist, and chronic wanderer. You can follow her at @marchstephanie on Twitter and Instagram. She travels for the sheer animal pleasure of seeing something new.

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