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The Roundup

Packing List: Crystal Meers

by Crystal Meers

Packing List: Crystal Meers

Photo by Anna Golino.

Crystal is Fathom's creative director. She is a wannabe light-packer living out of overweight baggage. Here's what she has in tow for the long haul. 

Day bag: It took me forever to find a crossbody bag that didn't make me feel like a bike messenger. This Clare Vivier satchel converts to a tote and holds way more stuff than it probably should.

A/V Department: I download whatever Earworms language lesson is appropriate for my destination. I like to be able to say "please," "thank you," and "I'll have another" wherever I go.

Instant-Upgrade: Matcha powder is a bit of an obsession, albiet a healthy one. I bring it everywhere.

Inflight Essential: Ambien and I don't mix. (That's a story for another time.) A few huffs of Tata Harper Bed Time Aromatic Treatment, and I'm in dreamland.

Crystal, a writer and editor based in LA, is often surprised by her sedentary career choice considering it's impossible for her to sit still. You can follow her at @crystalmeers on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. She travels for the action.

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