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Packing List: Berit Baugher

by Berit Baugher

Packing List: Berit Baugher

Fathom assistant editor Berit Baugher is a no-nonsense traveler who favors streamlined gear — the better to keep her hands free to capture her adventures in glorious photos and copious notes.

Excess Baggage: I always try to do carry-on, so my purse needs to be sturdy, preferably a large tote that holds a lot.

A/V Equipment: My Canon PowerShot SX40 is powerful enough to get amazing shots but small enough to fit in my purse.

Essential Extra: I hate paying five dollars for water at the airport so I bring a reusable bottle and refill for free.

Instant Upgrade: A leather passport cover is small luxury that helps me feel less of a mess after a long international flight.

For the rest of her packing list, check out Berit's Fathom shop.

Berit is an editor at Fathom. You can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest. She travels for sweets and beautiful design.

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