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Introducing the FATHOM Shop

by Team Fathom

Introducing the FATHOM Shop

So much closer than the Middle East. Photo: Juliana Jaoudi

You travel for the stuff.

But sometimes you can't help but think, wouldn't it be nice if the stuff traveled to you? Like when you can't get to Shibuya for nonsensical stationery or you've peeled the last sliver of travel-sized Hermès soap from its bottle-green plastic dish.

It's in this spirit that we are proud to debut the FATHOM Shop, which is filled with travel gear, inspired gifts, local flavor, suggested listening, required reading, and where'd-you-get-that? finds from around the web.

And since we find the souk as labrynthine as the next guy, we've organized everything into easy-to-navigate sections.

- Categories are products grouped by type: best luggage, gadgets, gifts for travelers.
- Activities are different kinds of trips: country weekend, home for the holidays, in the big city.
- Destinations correspond to FATHOM Guides: London, New York City, Berlin.

We will keep adding to these boutiques and create more, so check in early and often.

We've looked for products that will make your pantry feel more like a fromagerie and your bathroom more like a hammam — the goods you should bring with you and would want to bring home. Except the fancy ashtrays. You're going to have to keep stealing those on your own.




Any boutiques you want to see? Products you want us to hunt down? Let us know in the comments below. We're here to help. 

We travel to help you travel.


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