I travel for the Stuff

Fathom Questionnaire: Melissa Akkaway

Favorite childhood travel memory: My mom and I took the MGM Grand airline to New York, and Dorothy (yes, of "The Wizard of Oz") was on the flight, as well as other characters.

I Travel for the Salt

And then there was the time I carried the Atlantic Ocean home from Turks and Caicos to make homemade salt in my New York City apartment.

24 Best Travel Apps 2013

Whatever you need help doing — from photo sharing and map building to hotel booking and running routing — these are the apps that will make traveling easier, better, cooler, faster.

Fathom + Shu Uemura: Great Hair on the Go

Travel isn't just about navigating security lines and haggling at souks; it's about crossing town at rush hour — and looking good while doing so. Win the kits that makes great hair easy.

Falling for Fez

FEZ, Morocco – Led by a local friend, expert shopper Joanna Williams navigates the streets, souks, and street foods.

WIN! Roxy's Spring Break Essentials

Amateurs spend spring break in Cabo. The pros surf Waikiki, Biarritz, and Tahiti, and hit the slopes in Park City. And they're carrying all the right stuff. Get it all.

Fashion Spotlight: Made in Nairobi

NAIROBI, Kenya – Before the designers are discovered by Bergdorf, Neiman, and Kate Middleton, they're in their ateliers, weaving beads, bone, and horn into stunning clothes and accessories.

Where the Cool Kids Are: East Austin

AUSTIN, Texas – The neighborhood is a bonafide hot spot, but has managed to retain its roots in art and the local community. There are few gems like this left in the world.

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