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I travel for the Stuff

I Have One Day: Hong Kong Layover

HONG KONG – Arriving in Hong Kong is a mix of jet-lagged euphoria and sheer excitement. This one-day agenda packs in staggering views, street markets, mellow walks, and authentic food.

Fathom Questionnaire: Melissa Akkaway

Favorite childhood travel memory: My mom and I took the MGM Grand airline to New York, and Dorothy (yes, of "The Wizard of Oz") was on the flight, as well as other characters.

I Travel for the Salt

And then there was the time I carried the Atlantic Ocean home from Turks and Caicos to make homemade salt in my New York City apartment.

24 Best Travel Apps 2013

Whatever you need help doing — from photo sharing and map building to hotel booking and running routing — these are the apps that will make traveling easier, better, cooler, faster.

Fathom + Shu Uemura: Great Hair on the Go

Travel isn't just about navigating security lines and haggling at souks; it's about crossing town at rush hour — and looking good while doing so. Win the kits that makes great hair easy.

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