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Follow the Dragon

by Pavia Rosati

Follow the Dragon

Who wouldn't love this face? Photo: Paolo Camera / Flickr

The year of the dragon is, for the Chinese, the best one. Just look at the symbolism: Dragons are mighty, ambitious, passionate, lucky, beautiful, and, of course, fiery. 

Not a bad way to start the Chinese New Year. We tip our hat to such character, and send you on an overly brief the-world-is-awesome tour of China.

Heaven's Gate Mountain - There once was a cave. It grew up to be a mountain. And then a guy flew through it and someone caught it on video. Pretty great. (TheGreenMountain.Net)

But Wait, There's More - That just wasn't enough. Heaven's Gate Mountain also has a crazy long cable car, the world's longest. And it still doesn't get you to the top. (Pangea)

Great Wall of China - Have you ever seen it up close on a perfect day? Here's what it looks like between Jinshanling and Simatai: very green and very Zen. (LimeWaveVideo on YouTube)

Jiuzhaigou National Park - It's gorgeous in the Sichuan province in southwest China. And the water stays blue through snow and ice. Beijing-based photographer Peter Carney was there last week; MyEggNoodles was there in warmer weather.


(That's happy new year.)


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