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Eye Candy

The Softer (Greener! Beachier!) Side of Hong Kong

by Pauline Chardin

View Slideshow Morning moments above Hong Kong.

Morning moments above Hong Kong. All photos by Pauline Chardin.

We love seeing the world through the lens of The Voyageur, one of our 24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2016. Pauline Chardin, the fashion designer and photographer behind the blog, shares some of her photo albums with us from time to time. Here are some of her favorite local finds from a recent trip to Hong Kong.

HONG KONG – You could say that we decided to go to Hong Kong on a whim. We were missing Asia and I was looking for an easy fix, something that wouldn't be a headache to organize. Hong Kong came in the conversation quickly. I was seeing tempting pictures of it on my Instagram feed for a while and had fantasized quite a bit about the city during Wong Kar Wai's glory days in the 90's. This would be a city trip, but with the easy possibility to explore HK's lush surroundings, which sounded like the best of both worlds! In the end, this was easy to put together, easy to navigate, and very rewarding and inspiring. We enjoyed a place that went above and beyond the description as a shopping hub and layover city.


Pauline's Fathom Stories
Pauline's Hong Kong Stories

Pauline is the eye behind and a fashion designer based in Paris. You can follow her on twitter @the_Voyageur. She travels for the inspiration.


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