I travel for the Scenery

The Marrakech Orangerie

MARRAKECH – The Notes from the Road illustrator wanders the medina absorbing shades of orange.

Eye Candy: Family Road Trip in the Andes

PERU AND CHILE – The sky changed from heavy gray to a dazzling display of faceted jewel tones. Rubies and topaz and amethyst and tanzanite set behind mountain peaks glimmered in the thin air.

Eye Candy: Scenes of Santa Fe

SANTA FE, New Mexico – Stunning sunsets, dramatic skulls, imposing mesas, easy sunflowers. It's what the eye beholds around these parts of the Southwest USA. Cue the travel porn.

InstaTrip: The View From the Top

INSTAGRAM – From Beyoncé's selfies to NASA's satellite images, here's what it looks like when you're sitting on top of the world.

La Dolce Everything: Rome on Two Wheels

ROME – Pack up and move to Rome, start a business show people around on a Vespa, fall in love. Sounds like a solid life plan. Scooteroma's Annie Ojile takes us on a zippy tour.

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