Fathomaway Compass

I travel for the Scenery

Ibiza: So Much More than a Party

IBIZA – The joy of off-season. The stimulating conversations, the surprising encounters. The boat rides to secret coves. The hiking in enchanted forests that smell of rosemary, thyme, and pine.

InstaTrip: New York Fashion Week

INSTAGRAM – The best Instagram coverage of NYFW by Fathom's favorite designers and bloggers. Parties, runways, and beautiful people ahead.

InstaTrip from Havana to Key West

INSTAGRAM – Last week Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Havana to Key West without a shark cage. We take the scenic route.

I'm Bringing the Whole Damn Family to Bali

BALI – Sites with the kids by day and cocktails by night. Bali is more than a romantic getaway. It's fun for the whole, extended, picky, babies-to-gramps, what-about-me family. 

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