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Slo-Mo Tokyo

by Christine Wei

Slo-Mo Tokyo

That's right. We're watching this slow-motion video of Tokyo today instead of reaching for our usual Monday morning cuppa.

Though played at a slow pace, this video captures a pulsing energy that rivals any caffeinated jolt. Creator Alex Lee splices everyday life, adds a host of special effects — like saturated color corrections and film burn overlays — and turns out a short flick that's nothing short of electrifying. There's even a little humor (check out the funny pose a man strikes in a subway station around 1:30).

Surreal and almost hypnotic, the video is a wonderfully weird way to jumpstart the week. As photography fans, we'd also like to take a moment to geek out over the fact that this was all shot with the kit lens on a Canon T3i — that's some post-processing skill.

Christine Wei is a wanderlustful writer, editor, and researcher who loves to surprise herself. She travels for the charming cafes, the dinners you wake up thinking about, and the joie de vivre.


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