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In the Magazines: October 2011

by Bianca Neptune

In the Magazines: October 2011

This month's magazine digest gives you plenty of reasons to travel: the best food, clothes, art, jewelry — and all of the above.

On the Cover: The World of Style issue examines travel in conjunction with fashion. London, Milan, and Oaxaca are among this issue's featured cities.

- Rock On!: Christian L. Wright recognizes that, even though it comes with a hefty price tag, a local gemstone makes for an exquisite, unique, and beautiful souvenir. Aquiring the genuine piece, however, requires some work. This article provides tips on where and how to buy.

- The Importance of Being Bonkers: Gully Wells visits 16th-century aristocratic residences at Charleston and Sissinghurst Castle and unearths the eccentricity of some of English history's most prominent figures.

- A Modern Romance: Lesley Suter tours L.A.'s Mid-Century modernist architecture through Goldstein Residence, Stahl House, and Neutra Vdl House. The appreciation of modernism extends to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's "California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way" exhibition, running through March 25. 

- Mercado Madness: Elise Lohnen maps the best markets and shops in Oaxaca, Mexico — everything from colorful carpets to archeologically-inspired jewelry by local artisans.

On the Cover:
167 Real Food Experiences beckons foodies. Taste of Travel: 167 Places to Savor the World is a compilation of firsthand dining accounts, descriptions of cultural dishes, and the best food festivals.

- A Fisher of Men: Keith Bellows interviews chef and advocate Barton Seaver, who is changing the way seafood is distributed and eaten by championing diversification.

- Southwest Dream Catches: Christopher Hall looks at hotels with Native American influence popping up in Arizona and New Mexico.

- The Way of the Warrior: Jeannie Ralston road trips from modern Athens to Marathon.

On the Cover:
T+L's 40 Trips of a Lifetime commemorates their 40th anniversary: Napa, Moscow, London, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Rio, Istanbul, and more. 

- 40 People, Places, and Things That Have Revolutionized the Face of Travel: Aimee Lee Ball assembles a comprehensive list of innovations that have made traveling easier, comfier, and more enjoyable. Isn't it crazy that wheeled suitcases did not exist before 1987?

- The Next Great Escapes: Colleen Clark surveys not-so-well-known escapes in the United States that are a short drive from NYC, LA, DC, and Atlanta.

- The City of Tomorrow: Karrie Jacobs observes how the meticulously planned eco-friendly city of Almere, Netherlands, might preview of the future of city planning.

- The Shopping Centers: T+L dishes on their favorite markets in London, Bangkok, New York City, and Buenos Aires.

- Paris's Asia Influenced Style: Heather Smith MacIsaac uncovers a revival of Asian style and cuisine in Paris.

- Roma Sparita, Then and Now: The eternal city...or is it? Justin Davidson reflects on memory, archive, and change in Rome during the digital age.

On the Cover: Wallpaper dedicates this issue to guest editors Christian Marclay and Kraftwerk, and their audio-visual approach to art. 

Planet Schrager: Renown hotelier Ian Schrager talks about Public, his new retro-inspired hotel chain, which launched in Chicago in September 2011.

- Christian Marclay Out Loud: Visual artist and composer Christian Marclay puts his latest, "Manga Scroll," into visual context.

- Kraftwerk in 3D: The electronic band gives a peek at their 3D portfolio.

We covered the September/October issue in our September roundup, but here it is again. Most of their stories are not online. But we love the magazine anyway.

On the cover: Get Local inspires travelers to consider the global destinations closest to the homestead. (If only Amsterdam was a short train ride away.)

-Stokholm, Toronto, Sarajevo, and Western Uganda, where local highlights include a converted jail hotel, mad scientist bartenders, nomadic villages, and Ugandan Akaboozi (Lugandan for "gossip").

-Snack on chaat in Mumbai's street markets and get a recipe for pao bhaji.

-Spanish Steps explores the gypsy roots of Andalusian dance company Taller Flamenco

-Palermo Viejo: Javier Gover is working, fathering, and eating in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

Bianca is a native New Yorker and a recent graduate of Brown University, where she studied Art History. Being a lover of visual and performing arts, she travels for the culture.


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