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In the Magazines: August 2012

by Berit Baugher

We read the travel magazines so you don't have to. This month we saw inexpensive ethnic food in London, a real-deal Native American powwow, and a good ol' human tower in Spain — so here's to appreciating culture and the details that differentiate one country from another.

Budget Travel


On the Cover: In an effort to see the real Tuscany, Melinda Page chooses to travel at her own pace — by foot.

- Eat like a Real Local in London: The city's smaller ethnic neighborhoods are teaming with cheap international eats. William Underhill searches out the best curry, fried rice, egg rolls, and old-fashioned falafels.

- The Other Capes: Cape Ann, Cape Neddick, and Cape Elizabeth — Beth Greenfield discovers the lesser-known coastal towns of New England.

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On the Cover: Lisa Eisner photographs bucking broncos, teepees, and feathered headdresses at one of America's largest gatherings of Northern Plain Indians.

- School Days in Savannah: Tom Vanderbilt travels down south for a closer look at one of the world's best art schools.

- In a Pittsburgh State of Mind: Holly Brubach takes readers on a tour of her hometown, where favorites include lesser-known sites like a church with Tiffany windows and a French bookstore.

Travel + Leisure


On the Cover: Readers voted for the annual T+L World's Best Awards. Top cities included Bangkok, Florence, and Istanbul, while Virgin America and JetBlue were picked as favorite airlines.

- Toronto Lights Up: With top-tier design, fashion-forward shops, and inventive restaurants, Jonathan Durbin finds that Canada's largest city is hotter then ever.

- The Cure for Jet Lag: Specially designed masks, glowing earbuds, and Badger Sleep Balm are a few of the crazy solutions tested by Justin Peters.

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National Geographic Traveler


On the Cover: Midwesterner Jim Richardson explores the rugged isles of Scotland's Inner Hebrides.

- 2012 World Wonders: A human tower and the home of one of America's greatest thinkers are two of the little known marvels George W. Stone finds on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

- The Age of Maya: A new calendar cycle is about to begin. Joshua Berman and Andrew Evans take a look at five Maya-influenced destinations.

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We already covered the July/August issue in last month's roundup, but here it is again.

On the Cover: Matt Gross runs the Baringo Half Marathon in a Kenyan town where Olympic hopefuls train.

- Cool, Cool Summer: Jen Murphy checks into Montauk's Rushmeyer's, a summer camp-inspired hotel where guests are greeted with bubble wands and s'mores.

- Spin the Globe: Liechtenstein: A country with no airport or prisons that you can cross in twenty minutes? Eric Weiner looks for proof that it actually exists.

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And We're Also Reading About Travel Here


- America's Best—and Best-Priced—New Food City: Up-and-coming chefs like Tim McKee, Stewart Woodman, and Isaac Becker are pushing Minneapolis's restaurant scene to a new level. Kate Krader, a native Minnesotan, goes home for a closer look.

- Great Country Escapes: Northeast: Gina Hamadey heads to the Hudson Valley and Berkshires where big-deal NYC chefs are upping the ante with molecular techniques and Scandinavian-inspired cuisine.

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This month's issue is all about Mexico: breakfast burritos at the border, authentic enchiladas suizas in Mexico City, and a Mexican cooking school where you can perfect your chili pepper identification skills.

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Berit Baugher

Berit is an assistant editor at Fathom. She travels for the pastries, beautifully designed hotels, and the thrill of not knowing what will come next.

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