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Links We Love, 8/18/12

by Team Fathom

Links We Love, 8/18/12

Links We Love, a compendium of what we're loving right now. Happy armchair traveling.

Good news for cycling enthusiasts enroute to San Francisco or New York City: The new Spinlister marketplace lets you rent from individuals and local bike shops. It's like Airbnb for bicycles. – Jeralyn, Editorial Director

Want to add some turn-of-the-century patina to your photo feed? New iPhone app Strut Type renders photographs as Edwarian-era snapshots (it's named for the turn-of-the-century Strut folding camera). – Jeralyn

Ballerinas on a plane! Kanye West's dancers staged a flash mob during an Australian flight. I love the awkward moment when a Virgin Airlines passenger walks out of the lavatory and into the aisle as a bunch of girls are sexy dancing all over the place.  – Jeralyn

My husband is dying to get us to Tokyo. Another reason to go, courtesy Selectism: to see the windows of Undercover boutique in Aoyama. A giant collage of photos of people. Without the eyes. Creepy and cool. – Pavia, Founder/CEO

Alice in Wonderland meets Borges' Library of Babel meets Theseus in the labyrinth in Jardin de la Connaissance, the garden of decaying books in Quebec. Excellent. – Pavia

After posting a picture on our new tumblr page, I love the idea of turning the little bits of paper and other ephemera collected on a trip into a piece of art. – Berit, Assistant Editor

I've been wanting to check out the crazy bird sculptures by Nathalie Djurberg at the New Museum all summer, but haven't been willing to give up a beach day. I'm running out of time so I think this weekend may be the weekend. – Berit


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