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Links We Love, 8/11/12

by Team Fathom

Links We Love, 8/11/12

Links We Love, a compendium of what we're loving right now. Happy armchair traveling.

Pavia, founder/CEO

Once again, I'm dreaming of Turkey. Of locking myself into Ada Hotel in Bodrum for two weeks.

Jeralyn, editorial director

Ball sends you around the world in one minute and eighteen seconds. It's a smart, sharp video directed by Daniel Mercadante, who assembles images found on Google Image Search. 

The blog Plenty of Colour showcases the world in every hue. The "colorful places & spaces" category just begs to be re-pinned on Pinterest. 

Stop motion + paper cut art + miniatures + French girl singing — there's no way I could resist the Papercraft video for Ödland. Stick around long enough to see the small ship navigate pyramid icebergs. Thanks to This is Colossal for the hook-up.

Crystal, creative director

I wish I could get a team together and play in the KK Art Relay! I'll just have to hope they post really good pictures after August 25th (or better, book a trip accordingly).

Things Organized Neatly makes me want to dump out my purse and color-code its contents. Next targets: my desk, my kitchen drawers...basically my whole entire life.

Berit, assistant editor

My infatuation with all things Copenhagen is still going strong. I'm bookmarking this list of places to eat and drink from Noma's chefs for my next visit.


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