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Links We Love: 5/13/2017

by Daniel Schwartz

Shiki Shima train, JR East, Japan

Photo courtesy of JR East.

Here are the internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

This fascinating photo essay from The Atlantic on northwestern China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, home to half the country's 22 million Muslims, sheds light on the multitude of cultures, conflicts, and landscapes that make up the region. – Daniel, editorial assistant

Those pangs of envy and jealousy from all the #soblessed #bohemian #vanlife photos on Instagram? I still have them, but not as much so after this illuminating article on the joys, sorrows, and millennial stresses of "travel lifestyle brands." – Jeralyn, editorial director

With help from a Ferrari industrial designer, Japan may have just designed the world's most luxurious sleeper train. – Daniel

Have you heard of Le Sigh? It's a new short-format newsletter linking to current events in politics, culture, gossip, and zeitgeisty stuff. – Jeralyn

Richard Branson sinks WWII ship in the Caribbean, makes new coral reef dive site for scientific research and vacation fun. I love billionaires who know what to do with the cash they have lying around. – Pavia, CEO


 Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves

Photo courtesy of Autodromo.

Packing list: 12 best-in-class essentials for your next road trip.

Massachusetts: Witches aren't the only ones getting action in Salem.

Philly: A new slew of boutique hotels.

Daniel is an editorial assistant at Fathom. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. He travels for the food, perspective, and sense of belonging. Read more: Articles on Fathom


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