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Links We Love: 3/4/2017

by Team Fathom

Links We Love: 3/4/2017

Photo by Primoz Zorko.

Here are the internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

Curbed took a look back in time at NYC's Waldorf Astoria, which closed its doors last week for a long-term renovation that will convert part of the iconic institution into condos. – Daniel, editorial assistant

London-based artist Stanza (and his now global community) has been collecting sounds from cities around the world since the mid 1990s. I spent a lovely rainy evening clicking through his city index and then taking it a step further by trying to create my own London mix. – Becky, assistant editor

Looking forward to season two of Food52's podcast Burnt Toast. One of my go-tos for easy road trip entertainment, the new episodes (launching March 9, 2017) will take a look at common foods, like the Kit-Kat and its iconic (and catchy) jingle. – Berit, editor


This beautiful Caribbean photo journal has me in a sunny state of mind. – Daniel

In celebration of the Girl's Day (a Japanese holiday) on March 3, an 81-year-old Japanese lady created a mobile game for the rest of us to learn a little about the day's cultural practices. — Becky

Contemplating a long weekend in Paris next fall thanks to the crazy-affordable prices advertised in Norwegian Air's most recent newsletter. – Berit

To celebrate The National Art Center of Tokyo's tenth anniversary, French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux installed 60,000 paper cut-outs to create a colorful Forest of Numbers– Jeralyn, editorial director


 Rottweil, Mardi Gras

Jumping with fools in Germany. Photo courtesy of F Delventhal / Flickr.

Mardi Gras! Where else is it celebrated?

Things We're Loving: Goods that contribute to communities in need.

Kenya: A fair-trade touring outfit sails a dreamy route up the northern coast.

Ethiopia: This company provides alternatives for women involved in human trafficking.

New Orleans: A hotel near the parade route but far from the circus.

Zurich: There's more to the city than fondue, not that we mind fondue.

Kraków: What's new in Poland's historic former capital.

Watch: A cinematic ode to the transformative power of travel.

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