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Links We Love: 2/25/2017

by Team Fathom

Guide to NYC Waterways

Photo by Michelle Enemark.

Here are the internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

An underwater reef in the Rockaways made of ice cream trucks is just one of many weird things I found in this graphic guide to New York City's waterways. – Daniel, editorial assistant

The art of dynamic flight pricing and the reason you should always clear your cache when searching for a good travel deal. – Berit, editor

Check out this incredibly clever, illustrated take on Arabic words. – Jeralyn, editorial director

This weekend in London, I (along with a thousand other iPhone-wielding visitors) went to Makers House to see everything that Burberry showed at Fashion Week, inspired by the sculptures of Henry Moore. Worth a look online is the story behind the 78 fantastic couture capes — made with rope, shells, features, sequins... – Pavia, CEO

On the subject of vacations that don't require rental cars, the New York Times recommends Denver, Detroit, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. That's right, Los Angeles. – Daniel

Excited to hear about Syr, a crowdfunded restaurant in Utrecht, Netherlands, that employs recent Syrian and Afghan refugees. – Becky, assistant editor

It's reassuring to know that if things don't work out here on Planet Earth, we may one day be able to fly to one of these three potentially inhabitable worlds just 40 light years away. – Daniel

Before NASA discovered a new planetary system for us to move to, they came up with a list of the best air-filtering plants for home. I’m taking notes. – Becky, assistant editor

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