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Links We Love: 1/28/2017

by Team Fathom

Le Grand Musée du Parfum, Paris

Photo courtesy of Le Grand Musée du Parfum.

Here are the internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

Missing family this year as I watch this video of hundreds of millions of Chinese folks traveling back to their hometowns in time for Lunar New Year. – Becky, assistant editor

Taking my love of all things French to a new level by signing up for this newsletter, which promises to share lifestyle secrets from real Parisiennes. – Berit, editor

What's a Thomasson? Chances are, you've seen one and went, "huh?" – Daniel, editorial assistant

Psyched to hear that Fathom contributer Anna Chittenden is launching her Singapore Lost Guides. You can support her here. – Becky

Way better than walking through the ground floor of a department store: Le Grand Musée du Parfum, a beautiful three-floor olfactory experience, just reopend in Paris after being closed for four years. – Daniel

A behind-the-scenes look at France's premier baking dynasty, Poilâne. – Berit

Ahh, Twitter, thank you for this week's #CuteAnimalTweetOff between our country's zoos. (We're still fighting over llamas vs. sea lions at FathomHQ.) – Becky

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 L'Hotel, Paris

L'Hôtel in Paris. Photo by Katie McKnoulty.

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