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Links We Love: 12/03/2016

by Team Fathom


Photo courtesy of @drawings_for_my_grandchildren.

Holiday cheer is already in full force! Here are the internet tendencies that caught our attention this week.

Let the holiday shopping and market hopping commence! A few NYC spots I'll be scoping out this month: Bulletin Holiday MarketRoberta's Holiday MarketCanal Street Market, and Phoenicia Flea Holiday in Brooklyn– Berit, editor

Shout out to Spain for taking streets titled after tyrannical dudes and renaming them after notable women, and not just saints and virgins. – Daniel, editorial assistant

Best Grandpa award goes to Chan Jae in Brazil. He started an Instagram account to draw stories for his grandchildren in New York and Korea. Talk about an international family! – Becky, assistant editor

Perhaps inspired by the hell that holiday travel can be, Fathom favorite director Wes Anderson directed an incredibly sweet short for H&M. A mix of The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Darjeeling Express, that shopping has nothing to do with it may be the best part about it. Watch it below. — Pavia, CEO

How Ukranian berry-pickers are stirring things up radioactively in the villages outside Chernobyl. – Daniel

Travel back in time and to another country with Radiooooo, a new website that allows you to listen to music by location and decade. – Berit

Lucky French commuters are getting special vending machines at select stations where they can print out a free short story for their trip. No more bored commuters! – Becky

I need to print this chart detailing the best noodle for every kind of pasta sauce and put it on my kitchen wall. – Daniel

This tip from Roads & Kingdoms: In Germany, a man nicknamed “Dr. Flirt” helps refugee men integrate into society by teaching them how to hit on German women– Jeralyn, editorial director


 Armchair Traveler Gift Guide

Gifts for daydreamers. Photo courtesy of Baltic Club.

Check off every traveler on your holiday gift list: Frequent Fliers, Hungry Travelers, Little Globetrotters, Armchair Travelers, Adventurers, Good Samaritans, Big Spenders, Budget Travelers.

Take a closer look at some of the goods we've been eyeballing this holiday season, including: a new instant camera, an unloseable umbrella, an affordable framing service, a smart selfie drone, a design-friendly stroller, and some impossibly awesome throwback film.

And learn more about an amazing ethical jewelry brand based in the Himalayas.

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