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Links We Love: 12/10/2016

by Team Fathom

The United States of America, Taschen, National Geographic

A shot from The United States of America. Photo courtesy of Taschen / National Geographic.

The internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

Ask me want I want as a present and I'd tell you Taschen's The United States of America, a coffee table book filled with images taken throughout the 50 states over the last 100 years. – Daniel, editorial assistant

While researching the Czech Republic, I read about the 55-meter-high Sky Walk, a winding wood-and-steel structure that looks like a roller coaster standing up on its side. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Happiest place on earth! The place to be. A genuine island, a world apart. Find your favorite country's tourism slogan on this world map. – Berit, editor

This gem of a video made my week: the Jannita American Woodcock walks like an Egyptian. Turn up the volume! – Becky, assistant editor

These city maps replace metro-station names with nearby popular Instagram hashtags. Some results are just mind-numbing. – Daniel

I just learned this week that most of the tourist photos from Japan's Meiji period were staged; a whole sub-genre of photography studios catered to tourists who were nostalgic for Edo-period scenes. – Becky

What you're really thinking the first time you see the Mona Lisa and other important works of art. – Berit

For the forgetful, messy, and downright unlucky among us, there is hope yet. According to Hidden Brain's recent podcast, a little chaos isn't such a bad thing. Something to remember the next time you miss your flight. – Kim


 Anima, Marrakech

A view of the Atlas Mountains from Anima. Photo courtesy of Andre Heller.

San Francisco: A first timer's guide to the city, a dispatch from Sausalito across the bay, restaurant recommendations from the chef Babu Ji in the Mission District (and his picks for New York City).

Marrakech: A new riad in the old quarter, secret sculpture gardens just outside town, and the city's smallest five-star riad.

Morocco: A luxury desert camp to get away from it all; five annual events to bring us all together.

Travel at home: A traditional beauty treatment straight from the hammams of Morocco.

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