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Links We Love: 1/14/2017

by Team Fathom

Pencil Factory, Portugal, Slanted

Portuguese pencils. Photo by Daniel Sommer. 

Here are the internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

Current obession: Photos of the oldest pencil factory in Portugal. – Daniel, editorial assistant

This weekend I'm heading uptown to the beautiful Neue Galerie to see a few of my favorite Austrian paintings. Klimt and the Women of Vienna's Golden Age closes on Monday. – Berit, editor

I know nobody's thinking of the Arctic Circle right now, but this modern fairytale dome in Norway looks so cozy I'm thinking of moving in. – Becky, assistant editor

Didn't see that coming: Pablo Escobar's son is a respected architect who designs beautiful properties in Colombia and Argentina. – Daniel

The world's funnest beach cleanup happened this week in Germany when thousands of plastic Easter eggs washed up on shore. – Becky 

I'm convinced the Japanese do just about everything better — even dealing with delicate matters like grieving a miscarriage. – Berit

If you're still looking for a new country to move to ... consider the new French law giving all employees the right to disconnect.  – Becky



Namibia dune trekking. Photo by Kevin Short and Katie Heller.

Peru: Why you should climb the Rainbow Mountains as quickly as you can.

Namibia: Make the most of your desert road trip by sleeping on top of your car.

Argentina: From volcanoes to dinosaurs, the northwest desert is extreme in every way.

Europe: Set your sights on these ten design hotels for $250 or less.

The World: Six really cool hostels that will change the way you see hostels.

At home: Shop what a skincare brand founder packs on her travels.

Travel Tech: World's most spacious flash drive will fit every file you travel with.

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