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Links We Love: 10/22/2016

by Team Fathom

Artwork by Katrin Korfmann.

Zoomed out, way out. Photo by Katrin Korfmann.

What we're clicking on this week at Fathom HQ.

Look out: Europe's design-minded hostel Generator is coming to North America. – Daniel, editorial assistant

If you're in NYC, go see Miss Hokusai at the Angelika Film Center now. The movie follows the famous Japanese painter Hokusai and his daughter during Japan's Edo period. It's my new favorite non-Studio Ghibli Japanese animation; the history is fascinating, the cinematography is beautiful, and I the soundtrack is especially lovely. – Becky, assistant editor

Humans are social creatures. This frenzied photo series spells it out. – Daniel

The deep-sea women divers of Korea (a.k.a. haenyo) are so badass! They're the reason why Koreans have some of the best seafood dishes around. This photo essay is both beautiful and heartbreaking. – Becky


 Shanghai Noodles

Hand-pulled scallion oil noodles at Henan Lamian. Photo courtesy of Glutton Guide Shanghai.

We updated our Shanghai guide with Fathom Favorites: hotels, restaurants, shops, sites, and nightlife.

Shanghai: These are the city's best eateries.

Shanghai: Slurp up the city's top mom-and-pop noodle joints.

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