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Links We Love, 07/28/12

by Team Fathom

Links We Love, 07/28/12

Links We Love, a compendium of what we're loving right now. Happy armchair traveling.

Pavia, founder/CEO

As a former hardcore vegetarian, I can respect the meat-heavy caveman diet (even as I laugh at it a little). As a general extremist, I tip my hat to Sauvage, the Berlin restaurant that serves paleolithic cuisine. No sugar, no grains: The prehistoric is awfully trendy. Thanks, Unlike, for the tip-off

Fela!, the musical about Fela Kuti that has been touring the world, is back on Broadway for a limited run. There's nothing like seeing the Afrobeat show live, but this video of the opening scene will get you in the mood.

Jeralyn, editorial director

Can you handle the cuteness of this animated cloud film short? Artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of the Miami art collaborative FriendsWithYou recently debuted this cartoony explosion of adorableness-in-the-sky on Pharrell's new YouTube channel i am Other.

In rapper Le1f's song, "Wut," there's filthy booty shaking that reminds me of the awesome — and somewhat elusive — New Orleans bounce movement. But this guy's a New York "gayngsta." Werk. Werk. Werk.

Crystal, creative director

Maki Koike's newly minted blog A Nagano Retreat recounts the day-by-day of working at her late grandfather's Zen archery dojo, which was inherited by her Tokyo-ite parents not too long ago. Koike, an art consultant usually based in the United States, is spending the summer there. It all sounds very Karate Kid

If we weren't already looking at the UK for the Olympics and all that jazz, The Gourmand would bring us there. David Lane and Marina Tweed's new food and art magazine makes me hungry for life. There's even an article on the perfect Manhattan.

Director/photographer Jacob Sutton's Nowness video of Lil Buck jookin' in a crazy cube to Azaelia Banks blew my mind the first time I watched it and the dozen times I have watched it since.

Berit, assistant editor

I'm completely captivated by Andreas Franke's underwater photography series "Life Below the Surface." He even went so far as to install an exhibition in an old shipwreck.

In an effort to encourage long-distance bicycle commuting and meet their commitment of becoming the first carbon-neutral city by 2025, Copenhagen has opened a cycle superhighway.

If you like to spend your commute reading (like me), take a look at this visual library of the reading-riders of the NYC subways.


What wanderlusty links are you crazy about right now?

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