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Links We Love, 07/21/12

by Team Fathom

Links We Love, 07/21/12

Links We Love, a compendium of what we're loving right now. Happy armchair traveling.

Pavia, founder/CEO

My friend (and Fathom contributor) Rafat Ali has launched his long-awaited new project: Skift, my new go-to for smart, informed travel industry news. And that's just the beginning. I can't wait to see where he and co-founder Jason Clampet take it.

In 1988, I rode the Moscow subway for the first time. My two vivid memories: The escalators were deep, fast, and almost scary, and the stations were beautiful. Lots of mosaics (or so I recall). I loved revisiting the stations through Subterranean Gulag Baroque on World Hum, an excerpt from Taras Grescoe's book, Straphanger.

Jeralyn, editorial director

Fresh from vacation in Italy, I was moved by the amazing photos and commentary on Ugly Renaissance Babies. Clearly, this person is a passionate historian. 

While in Rome, archaeologist Darius Arya (husband of Fathom contributor Erica Firpo) showed off a few ancient (and lesser-known) highlights of the city. He can translate old Latin, people! His blog will help you feel smarter.

After reading a blurb about Matera in the recent issue of T+L, I visited the ancient Italian city of cave dwellings and fell hard for artisanal gelato gorgeous cave hotel Sextantio and the city's historic revamping project.

Sigrid Verbet Bloise archives lovely photographs of Italy on Cavoletto di Bruxelles. Maybe, just maybe, the food pics will tide me over until my next trip to the boot.

Crystal, creative director

I've been getting deep into London-based Because magazine ("How to look amazing and where you go when you do.") ever since I read the Into the Gloss interview with founder Caroline Issa. She is also the fashion director at radical Tank Magazine, whose summer-perfect latest issue explores the great outdoors.

I love mail. I love dancing. I love SYTYCD's Nigel Lythgoe for inventing my new favorite fauxliday National Dance Day and the USPS for commemorating it with its Innovative Choreographer stamps. Now I can put my collection of hotel stationery to good use.

Berit, assistant editor

The duo behind last winter's Tulum pop-up hotel is back with a second "temporal hospitality experience." San Giorgio Mykonos looks amazing: driftwood stained furniture, white sheets, and boho-chic accents like rattan chairs and ethnic textiles.

Anthropologie’s feeling New Orleans these days. Take a look at their mini-guide, close up on Preservation Hall, and interviews with two local artisans.


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