I travel for the Quirk

Links We Love: 6/14/14

THE INTERNET – Watercoloring on hotel stationery, a new sport involving falconry and flying, and a miniature panda flashmob.

Fathom Questionnaire: Brigid Pasulka

The meal you'll never forget? I had a deal with the brothers who ran Pasta e Basta in Alassio. I would order the running shoes they couldn't get in Italy in exchange for gnocchi with gorgonzola.

Links We Love: 6/7/14

THE INTERNET – Samba gifs, new Instragram filters, and an animated love story about the World Cup in Rio.

Links We Love: 5/31/14

THE INTERNET – Experimental design gifs, tiny summer homes, a Paris trip giveaway, and travel in a box.

Links We Love: 5/24/14

THE INTERNET – Vintage rail journeys, decorating with souvenirs, LIFE highlights, and botanical faces.

Links We Love: 5/17/14

THE INTERNET – Words with no meaning, northermost towns, Instagram crazes, bad Parisian affairs. 

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