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24 Best Travelers on Instagram 2015

by Team Fathom

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Photo by @aivenn.

Here at Fathom HQ, we love turning to Instagram for our daily dose of travel inspiration. Judging from the incredible response we receieved from last year's 24 Best Travelers on Instagram, you do too. This time around, we zoom in on tiny islands (Mallorca), small counties (Dorset), lesser-known cities (Utrecht), and splashy destinations (Hong Kong, Venice, London), to bring you the 24 Best Travelers on Instagram 2015.

As always, there was much researching, scrolling, arguing, and judging accounts both popular and obscure to finalize the crop of excellent travelers on Instagram who have never before been featured on Fathom. We hope you like what you see and want to follow along. Check out the other lists in Fathom's 24 Best series.


Fathom's 24 Best Travelers on Instagram


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