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24 Best

24 Best Travelers on Instagram 2014

by Team Fathom

View Slideshow 24 best travel instagrammers 2014. Photo by @dantom

Photo by @dantom.

Not too long ago, vacation photos ended up as slideshows for the neighbors, a carousel of the best, worst, and most tedious moments of the family's tourisy sojourn to Europe or week near the Great Lakes.

These days, Instagram makes it easier and — dare we say — more appealing to follow along as friends, family, and even strangers traverse the world. (Thank you, filters Valencia and Amaro!) Sometimes social media causes Insta-envy, but most of the time it inspires more travel planning.

For the first time ever, we're announcing our heavily researched list of the 24 Best Travelers on Instagram, a 21st-century crew of explorers who will take you from the wilds of Alaska to the secretive streets of North Korea.

As we always do with Fathom's 24 Best series, we spent hours researching, scrolling, arguing, and judging accounts both popular and obscure to finalize the crop of excellent travelers on Instagram who have never before been featured on Fathom. We hope you like what you see and want to follow along.


Fathom's 24 Best Travelers on Instagram 2014

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