I travel for the Good

Fathom Questionnaire: Pete Halvorsen

Weirdest thing seen on travels: After ten days of no showers in Malawi and Zambia, I looked at myself in a mirror and thought, now THAT guy was weird.

Giving Back: Della's Fresh Style

GHANA, West Africa – What does it take to run a business properly? Fair wages, healthcare benefits, savings initiatives, literacy courses, and empowerment. 

Love Letter: Finca Esperanza Verde

MATAGALPA, Nicaragua – A working coffee farm and eco resort in Nicaragua's stunning mountains, where the focus is on giving back to its tight-knit community.

Giving Back: Runa Amazonian Energy Drinks

ECUADOR – When is an energy drink more than an energy drink? When it is helping to sustain, empower, and develop an indigenous community. The co-founder of Runa shares their story.

Vorovoro: The Little Island That Could

FIJI – We took a boat ride to Vorovoro Island, down a lazy river of mangroves and out towards Cakaulevu Reef. I fell in love with the island before I set foot on its shores.

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