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Eat Your World: Find Your Next Meal

by Christine Wei

Eat Your World: Find Your Next Meal

Photo: Courtesy of Eat Your World.

We just discovered the answer to our itinerary-building prayers: Eat Your World, an online guide to local food staples and where to find them.

Eat Your World is perfect for travelers who plan their trips around where to eat. Husband-and-wife gastronomes Laura and Scott Rosen scour the world doing culinary research, uncovering local specialties — say smoked fish in New York City, or chocolate santafereño (hot chocolate with cheese) in Botoga. They then track down the best establishments to enjoy these regional favorites, along with ordering tips, price breakdowns, and cultural factoids. (Who knew Nashville's MoonPies were created for coal miner lunchboxes? Or that London's bubble and squeak veggie patties were named for the sounds potatoes and cabbage make in the frying pan?)

Mouse-over global destinations on the EYW map to pull up scrumptious photos and one-liner overviews. Fellow foodies are invited to share their own images and tips.

What and where do you want to eat next? Tell us in the comments below.

Christine Wei is a wanderlustful writer, editor, and researcher who loves to surprise herself. She travels for the charming cafes, the dinners you wake up thinking about, and the joie de vivre.


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