I travel for the Food

We'll Take the Cannoli

ERICE, Sicily – We marveled and laughed at the total animal freedom of being beautiful and fresh in a faraway land.

Little Black Book: A Chef's Tour of Jaipur

JAIPUR, India – It's one of the world's great shopping cities. Do you know where to find the tastiest snacks and the best textiles before they're marked up for Western export?

Homesick for Singapore's Hawker Fare

SINGAPORE – Coconut jam with toast for breakfast, chili crab for lunch, sambal stingray for dinner, and frog leg porridge for supper? All in a diehard Singapore foodie's day.

Fathom Questionnaire: Becky Cheang

In-flight relaxation regime: I'm one of the crazies who loves being on a plane. I put together a playlist and do a travel log of every flight. I am that annoying seat-mate who will attempt to talk to you.

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