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Expat Adventures

He Built a Farm in Paradise

by Pavia Rosati

A screenshot from Ex-Pats Episode 2

Photo courtesy of YouTube/Reserve Channel

ST. CROIX, U.S.V.I. – The new installment of Ex-Pats, the travel show on YouTube Reserve Channel, features Nate Olive, an Atlanta transplant who moved to St. Croix to run a the US Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute, a.k.a. Ridge to Reef Farm. Savannah Jane Buffett is your charming host. Check it out, then read more about Nate's story.

We asked Nate to fill out our Giving Back Questionnaire: 

Has your work changed the way you think about charity and helping others? Absolutely. We often go into a place, see the conditions, and make rash judgments about the people and how we can "save" them. What we are really doing is trying to make them more like us. That is not always a good thing. For example, we pity people without electricity. But I can tell you with certainty that some of the most spectacular moments of my life happened without it ... Read the whole thing.


Watch Ex-Pats episode one
How to Feel at Home Wherever You AreSavannah Jane Buffett

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