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Beyond Basel: See It All in Miami

by Pavia Rosati

Beyond Basel: See It All in Miami

From Jonathan Stein's "Shiny Sparkly Goes Down Easy"

MIAMI – Art Basel Miami may hog the spotlight, but the art scene in Miami is way more expansive than the Swiss fair that could. 

You'll see innovative, challenging, and visually dazzling work everywhere you go: satellite art fairs like Scope, pop-up galleries, and even the sides of buildings. Evan Orenstein at Cool Hunting scouted the best unmissable options for Société Perrier, including Milcho's Domingo Familiar, a sculpture wherein viewers watch videos through the, ahem, buttcheeks of a woman wearing gold cowboy boots. Yeehaw.

On the tamer side, we'd like one of everything from Louis Vuitton's collection of travel accessories. And Jonathan Stein's Shiny Sparkly Goes Down Easy Swarovski-covered sculptures of everyday objects are just so spunky. Crystaled Spam!!

And there's so much more. Check it out.

Societe Perrier


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This is a guest post by Fathom for Société Perrier for Miami Art Week 2012.

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