I travel for the Culture

Is It Safe to Visit Cairo Now?

CAIRO – Countries around the world are lifting their travel advisories to Egypt. The media hypes a different story. What's the truth? We talk to travelers on the ground to get the truth.

Best Day Ever: Crown Heights, Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, New York – Crown Heights is a hotbed for new restaurants, bars, and shops that co-mingle with classic Caribbean joints and old-school cultural institutions.

Forget Versailles. Go to Vaux le Vicomte

MAINCY, France – Forget Versailles. There's a better, more intimate château just as close to Paris. Same designers, same scandalous history. It's the ultimate antidote to Fashion Week.

Fathom Questionnaire: Laura House

In-flight relaxation regime: I usually fall asleep before we’ve even pulled away from the gate. My husband swears if I could bottle my in-flight-narcolepsy I’d make millions. 

A Trailer Park Like No Other

MARFA, Texas – El Cosmico in West Texas is a creative hotel and community art project — and a place where time stands still.

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