I travel for the Culture

Kitchen Anthropology in Gaza

GAZA, Palestine – Women adapted, overcoming obstacles and policies meant to debilitate them, their livelihoods, their freedom.

The Gone but Not Forgotten Syria

SYRIA – We encountered shopkeepers and locals who were warm and welcoming, in stark contrast to the country's oppressive political environment.

How to Get into North Korea

NORTH KOREA – You made your way into one of the most bizarre places on earth. Did you remember to pack an open mind?

New Orleans Is Music to My Ears

Eclectic jazz pianist Eddie Bo has a great quote that goes, "If you smoke a cigarette, they’ll have a parade for it. Then if you die from the cigarette, they’ll be a parade for that too."

Carnevale the Mamoiada Way

MAMOIADA, Italy – Sardinia’s mountain air and wine coursing through me, I grabbed a stranger’s hand and took to the dance floor.

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