I travel for the Culture

Impressions from the Venice Biennale

VENICE – Are you planning a trip to Venice before November? Why not? The Biennale is on, the art is fantastic, and the city is electrifying. A first-timer takes us on a tour.

Fathom Questionnaire: Julia Lake

Travel hero: My neighbor, Joan Crowley. She’s in her 70s and just did a road trip through Africa with her sister. Picture it: Two elderly ladies driving themselves around.

I Have One Day: Hong Kong Layover

HONG KONG – Arriving in Hong Kong is a mix of jet-lagged euphoria and sheer excitement. This one-day agenda packs in staggering views, street markets, mellow walks, and authentic food.

The Indie Side of Hong Kong Island

HONG KONG – Crafted coffee, artisanal pastries, design shops — smells like a scene. Hong Kong's Tink Labs founder shows us around the hot spots.

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