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I travel for the Culture

A Few Days in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM — The people, gorgeous creatures all of them, are very proud of their country and eager to show it off.

Fathom Questionnaire: Marcus Larsson

Weirdest thing seen on travels: One of the more recent ones was the man who walked around Rome taking photos of nothing but door handles. We all have our passions, I suppose.

A Few Days in Charleston

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – It's always the right time for Southern hospitality. But if you want it to be extra perfect, head down for festival season in May. 

A Few Days in Seville

SEVILLE, Spain – Culture. Parks. Long and lazy lunches. Moorish architecture. Iberian tapas. The whole family will refuse to leave Seville once they get there. 

A Few Days in Vienna

VIENNA – It's a town for grown-up activities (operas, horses) and guilty pleasures (indecent-looking hot dogs). This is the place for culture and glamour consumed in the most active way.

Uncharted Territory: El Jadida, Morocco

EL JADIDIA, Morocco – The roaring ocean reminded me of my native California. But two pastimes were missing: sunbathing and boozing. A hundred miles of beach and not a bikini in sight!

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