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Eco Belize: Mayans, Jaguars, and Macaws

CAYO DISTRICT, Belize – Howler monkeys roar, composing a tune to rival the Jurassic Park soundtrack. The day provides enough stories to fill your travel journal.

Open Wide: Maui's Best Street Food

MAUI, HAWAII – After an andrenaline-pumping drive to Hana, you'll need a bite to eat. The best local delicacies are served on styrofoam from roadside luncheonettes. So pull over.

Fathom Questionnaire: Larry Burnett

Weirdest thing seen on travels: Waking up after being drugged by gypsies on an overnight train to Rome and realizing that one of them was smelling my feet. 

A Glimpse of Paradise

BORA BORA – God must have personally placed this islands in the ocean after He finished the rest of the world. This place stands alone in its spectacular beauty.

World's Best Hotels: Pink Sands Resort

HARBOUR ISLAND, The Bahamas – This is a place to lay in the sand, build a sand castle, dine on conch salad, and contemplate whatever it is you think about when you're barefoot.

I Can See Cambodia from My Hotel Room

CAMBODIA – The sun sets violently in Cambodia, and though we started our ride in the light, we found ourselves plunged in complete darkness on the Gulf of Thailand.

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